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Star United 2012 Coaches   

 Josh Talbott, Program Coordinator/Arranger/Composer

Josh's ascension into the ranks of drum and bugle corps began in 1987 as one of the pink elephants in Star of Indiana's circus production. His influence on the organization since then has been incalculable. He has performed and instructed in the organization through the Brass Theater and Blast! productions, contributing his talent and compositions to the cause. Today he is an "in demand" composer and clinician. Not bad for a fluorescent pachyderm.

 Andy Tye, Instructor

Andy has performed and taught at every level of the activity. He played baritone in the Star of Indiana and has previously served as Brass Caption Head for The Blue Stars in 2006 and 2007. He is active as a visual designer, clinician and adjudicator for bands all over the country. Andy lives in Carmel, Indiana and, in addition to Star United, teaches several accomplished bands in the area.

 Ron Dawson, Percussion Instructor

Ron performed with the Star of Indiana percussion section between 1988 and 1991, helping the corps earn their only DCI championship. He was lured to Star United in 2009 became an integral part of the corps' pulse. Although it's possible he had no idea what he was getting himself into, Ron couldn't be a better fit for the corps and is repeating the lapse in judgment again this year. Ron is a previous recipient of the Member of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards (click here).

 Jim Prime, Jr., Arranger

Jim Prime, Jr. is a drum corps institution and the creator of some of the most influential and memorable arrangements in drum corps history for the Garfield Cadets, Troopers, Star of Indiana, Brass Theater, Blast!, Madison Scouts, and many more. Star United's greatest privilege has been to draw heavily from Jim's extensive library of arrangements and to utilize his input in programming. Incidentally, he's also the nicest person one could ever meet.

 Frank Sullivan, Arranger

Frank was a member of the Star of Indiana organization from 1991 to 1993 and both a member and instructor with Star of Indiana's Brass Theater from 1994 to 1997. In 1998 he joined the Cadets on Brass Staff, eventually assuming the Brass Caption Head role there in 1999. Away from the drum corps activity, From 2001 to 2004 Sullivan toured with the BLAST!, serving as a performing soloist, the music manager, and the artistic supervisor.

 Michael Klesch, Arranger

Michael's landmark arrangements for drum corps have been an inspiration for the performers of Star United. The corps is thankful for the support Michael has given us through the years, particularly this season as the unit performs his arrangement of Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra.


Scott McCoy, Percussion Arranger

No stranger to the senior drum corps activity, Scott McCoy offers his talents as a performer (along with his longtime girlfriend Penny) to the Star United percussion section. Sure, they fight a lot, but Penny always wins and it bolsters the rest of us to see a Cavalier lose at something. Scott's impact on the corps was immediate and positive and having him in the corps as a performer has been a rare treat. Scott is also our token Schaumburg Guardsmen alum.

 Brad Meyer, Percussion Arranger

Dr. Bradley Meyer has experience as a percussion performer with the Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps and front ensemble management experience for the Madison Scouts and Blue Stars. He earned his BS Degree in Music Performance at the University of Kentucky, his Masters in Performance from the University of South Carolina, and his Doctorate of Music in Perc. Performance and Pedagogy of Music Theory Certificate from UK. In short, Brad is dangerously overqualified for Star United!

 Wes Bullock, Visual Consultant

Wes marched in the final years of the Star of Indiana drum corps period, transitioning through Brass Theater and eventually Blast! and all of its derivatives. Wes continually honed his skills, perfecting the "swing" role that required him to step into any role in the troupe with little notice. Wes has most recently assisted the Dallas Brass on their tours.

 Brian Kraft, Consultant

Brian's drum corps reference emanates from the Madison Scouts. He's also served as a visual caption head for the Blue Stars and has assisted the Bluecoats. After many years being behind the scenes in the drum corps activity, Brian is genuinely appreciative of having an opportunity to perform before audiences again.

 Star Alumni Corps

Special thanks are owed to the members, staff, and administration of the 2010 Star Alumni Corps, without whom Star United would not be possible (click here).


Star United Management

 Sean Conley, Director

Sean joined Star of Indiana in 1986 and has been involved with the corps ever since. A resident of the Star's Wall of Fame, Sean undertook the task of creating Star United. It was a tough sell to the prospective members, many of whom were unfamiliar with senior drum corps. Countless hours of planning, preparation, and outright extortion on Sean's part have made the dream of competition a reality for the members.

 Amber Meranda Sears, Administrator


Amber failed her audition for the Star of Indiana horn line in 1991, but refused to acknowledge the rejection. She worked to become an indispensable part of the corps' famed brass line for many years. Officially retired from performing, Amber splits her time with family and career to bring order to chaos. The depth of her dedication and talents are only surpassed by her colorful vocabulary.

 Steve Moulton, Bus Driver Man


Unbeknownst to Steve, Star United specifically requests him for the annual Rochester trip. Not only is he the hippest bus driver around, he's also become a good luck charm for the corps. Our trips fall on his wedding anniversary each year, so special kudos are extended to his bride. Quick witted and always accommodating, Steve has more dirt on Star United than any other human. For these reasons, we honor the bus driver man. "THREE CHEERS FOR STEVE!"

Director's Award

Brad Stansberry Award Recipient

Jon Miller Award Recipient

  Rookie if the Year Award Recipient Member of the Year Award Recipient


Distinguished Star United Coaches/Consultants 



Nick Angelis

Percussion Arranger


Bill Cook (1931-2011)



Bob Dubinski

Ensemble Consultant


Brad Green

Brass Consultant


Matt Harloff

Brass Consultant


Joey Keays

Visual Consultant


Brent Montgomery

Percussion Consultant


James Prime

Brass Arranger


Carl Ruocco

Dutch Uncle



Eric Sabach

Visual Consultant


Drew Schneider

Percussion Arranger


Donnie Van Doren

Spiritual Consultant

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